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David C. Chen

Enter a realm of transformation guided by the enigmatic David Chen, a modern-day maverick redefining the boundaries of business and life. With a decade of strategic maneuvers within a Big 4 firm, David orchestrated the rise of Deloitte Mexico's Chinese Services Group, culminating the elusive "Standards of Excellence Award." His portfolio roars of over 500 transactions with Fortune 500 powerhouses.
As the architect of GTIF Capital, he's entangled with empires in Esports, Tech, Healthcare, Real Estate, various Entrepreneurship endeavors and more. Beyond the limelight, he's disseminated cryptic knowledge within hallowed university halls, masterminding creative marketing ads, like the Planters Peanuts Super Bowl commercial, and infiltration alongside FaZe's underground legends Apex and Adapt, alongside Hollywood's shadow dweller, Charlie Sheen, and the elusive baseball star Aaron Rodriguez.
From the echelons of boardrooms, including the enigmatic FaZe Clan, to a leading role in NY Weekly's #1 Podcast of 2020, Pandanomics, David remains the elusive guide to a world of secrets that only the chosen few can access. Dive into this exclusive course for a chance to unlock the secrets of a mentor who embodies the essence of what it takes to surmise the peaks of success and redefine your path to success.
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